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Entry Door

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A beautiful entry creates a dramatic first impression and a welcoming focal point for your home. At Waudena Millwork, our exterior door systems are built for lasting value and performance using quality components and workmanship. Choose from our various collections to provide maximum protection and curb appeal for your home or business. We have a wide range of door styles and textures to meet your architectural or design needs. Check out the manufacturer’s website for more information.


Waudena Millwork's doors are built for the highest level of durability. Our door perimeters are reinforced with Hot-dipped, galvanized steel (with no composites added) edging to provide additional strength and security. Each is engineered to resist cracking, splitting, warping, twisting or rotting. 

Our fiberglass door panels have high-impact molded skins – reinforced to withstand the elements. Our Dura FrameTM Jambs are manufactured using premium components and are water and UV resistant.

Go to Waudena Millwork's video page to learn more about our doors.

Beauty and Warmth

Consider the Smooth Fiberglass for a contemporary door to provide your home a sleek and clean look. Textured and Timbergrain options replicates real wood doors to bring lasting beauty. Stainable steel and Tru-Grain â„¢ combine the look of wood with the strength of steel. Handcrafted glass offers aesthetic elements and various privacy levels to bring you further warmth and enjoyment. Sidelites and Transoms allow extra light to compliment your unique point of view. The key to the right door is finalized in the hardware with the use of Schlage and Fusions architectural styles and designs.

Performance and Commitment 

We strive to provide the highest quality products, service, and value. To us — it is all in the details. Our personal commitment to this standard means you and your family have a reliable product. In fact, there have been times we have gone beyond and re-installed doors not purchased from us that were improperly installed by someone else. All of our products are backed by manufacturer warranties and our dealer commitment to your satisfaction. Furthermore, many of our exterior doors meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines as put forth by the U.S. Department of Energy. See Waudena Millwork's technical library for further details.

Peace of Mind

Waudena Millwork Entry Doors are brought to you by your local distributor The Window Place. Though our name doesn’t speak of doors, we have installed hundreds of them in our area opening up “windows of opportunity” into many home and businesses. We offer the same quality and service satisfaction that has built thousands of customer relationships in order to make your house a home, leaving you peace of mind.


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Frame uPVC
Frame Size 3-1/4
Exterior Colors Almond, Brick Red, Bronze, Brown, Dakota Sand, Forest Green, Gray, Mocha, White
Interior Colors Dark Woodgrain, Heartwood, Irish Oak, Maple, White
Grille Colors All interior and exterior color options available and brass
Grille Type Flat,Contour, Slimline, Simulated Divided Lights
Grille Pattern Colonial, Prairie, Farmhouse, Suspended
Brickmold Standard, Retro, Wide
Glass Strength Tempered
Glazing Interior
Glazing Type blink BLINDS + GLASS w/LoE 272, Dual LoE 180/Argon, Dual LoE 272/Argon, Dual LoE 366/Argon, Triple LoE 272/Argon, Triple Double LoE 272/Argon, Insulated Clear
IG Thickness 1
Angle of Deflection n/a
Spacer Endur
Interior Returns Jamb, Drywall
Extension Jamb Loose Almond (8
Extension Jam Applied Almond, Clay, Dark Woodgrain, Heartwood, Irish Oak, Maple, White
Maximum Frame Width 104
Minimum Frame Width 56
Maximum Frame Height 86
Minimum Frame Height 68